october 19


During the summer there have been some changes at TigerMys. Our Greta has moved to Boyzoneīs Kennel. She is familiar with Kerstin and love to play with the boys Knasen and Bosse. We wish them the best of luck together!!

Mysan is back home after her puppie-vaccation and is doing fine, her daughter Brumma is qute as candy and she is living at Gepīs Big Bearīs kennel-

We are not planing for any litters in the near future, but as soon we got plans, they will be posted here.


July 24

Mysan gav birth to 6 puppies July 13, unfortunally 5 of them was dead-born. One single girl was born alive and she is strong and beautiful. She is raised at Gepīs Big Bearīs kennel an will have the nameGepīs Big Bearīs Born in the Backseat. Her petname is Brumma :) Since she Mysanīs only pup, she is gaining weight.

June 12

The ultrasound today shows that Mysan is pregnant with a few puppies. Do you have any interest in this litter please contact me.

A new page, Valplådan

May 19

Mysan and Allan is now mated, read more at Plans

May 8

Mysan will be mated with beautiful and strong Allan, May 17-18

(Gepīs Big Bearīs Act Naturally and Such Geps Big Bearīs Rough Justice)

for more information click at Plans


April 26

Sienna first time in openclass in Västerås Dogshow

-April 18

Sacha and Zigge Mentality described 

Shooting ok for both

īMarch 13

No puppies this time

March 6


March 2

New design,

English menu

Prefix TigerMys now official