I think that Leonberger is the most ultimate companion and friend in life. But I also  Think, that Leonberger is not a breed for everyone. They  get Big and strong and with their strong selfconfidence they recuire a strong leader in their human alpha. As puppies they are adorable and I think that we are more than one owner that has asked our selfs what we have done WRONG when this cute little teddybear has chewed on the THIRD pager or cellphone  Well what we didnít know by than was that even the little cute lionking needed to be guided to know what is right and what is wrong. We probably did think that the obedience training could wait a little longer, cause he is so little and cute. Well when our best friend drag us down the lane cause he has seen a cat, we realize that the obedience where needed long time before that incident .

In our breeding we will use dogs that has a great delight and excellent mind. We will choose those who are typical for their sex to preserve the great difference that should be between male and female Leonberger. We also will choose those dogs that are free on their hips and elbows and that has nothing to complain about in there eyes. We will use dogs with great exterior, angles and movements and as far as we know they are healthy in every other way.


The litters will live with us in our apartment, they will get use to a variety of stimuli such as different people in both age and personalities. They will have experienced different environments in our garden and they will have been highly loved and adored during there time as a puppie at TigerMys .When they move to their new home they will be registerd in SKK ( Swedish kennel society) they will be chip-marked and have there first vaccination. They will have a CD with pictures from they are new-born until the day they leave the kennel, there will be a little something that smells Mommy and a some foods from our sponsors and of course some surprises from their family and friends . There will also be a puppie school for 6 times included in the price you pay.

When you and your puppie has come home, remember that we will be here for you, in good times and bad. Please feel free to give us a call about anything that are on your mind regarding your best friend .