About us

We are a small family living in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. We started our kennel in January 2009 and got our breeding prefix March 1th 2009. The family, consisits of me and my daughter Mathilda (soon 17 yrs) who is a foreign exchange student in Flint, MI USA this year. She studies at Kearsley high school and has a senior status this year. She will graduate June 6th and before that she will join everything that the seniors are up to this last spring in High School.


Right now we have 3 Leonberger living with us. Mysan who is the alpha (5,5 yrs) she has  had two litters at kennel Gepīs Big Bearīs. From her first litter we are co-owners of Sacha (2,5 yrs) .Since Mysan hasnīt been in heat since her last litter  2 years ago, and Sacha is going to be bread on at kennel Gepīs big bearīs , I decided to buy an adult girl to start our breeding with, so Greta is our newest , she moved in December 2008.

We are also hosting 3 cats  Kasper ( 8 yrs), Jesper ( 7― yrs) and Hugo ( 2―) If you ask them what they think of living with three Leonbergers, I think the answer will depend on who you ask. Kasper likes male dogs and can from time to time be seen washing Mysans face and ears. Jesper donīt like dogs At All and is very very suspicious everytime I bring home a new dog J Hugo is born in a home with Leonbergers and from time to time he thingks that he is a dog :D Kasper is very fond of cookies and Hugo can kill to get a cheeze doodle J

Besides being a great lover of pets, I am a very creative person. , the last winter I have learned  a new method of knitting and have created a diversity of socks , hats and mittens – I also design bracelets and necklaces as gifts for my friends and family.

If you have any questions , please feel free to send me an e-mail at asa@tigermys.se  or give me a call at Home: +4687220407 Cell: +46704563504